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New to the world of blogging

Hello fellow Bloggers,

Well, I am new to the world of blogging, sort of anyway. I did try last week on a different site and just couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to use it and have my family/friends be able to comment on it. So here I am, once again new and trying to figure out what to put as my first blog. As you can see from my user profile (hopefully I did it correctly) I am not only a mother to two fantastic kids, but I am also someone who has a passion for writing. I finally followed a life long dream of mine and completed a 90,000 word Thriller/Suspense (possibly Horror). The writing was the easy part, the story just flowed through my fingertips and onto the computer screen. Not much planning and plotting as I have read from multiple web pages. It took me a month to write a rough draft, another 2 months for the editing (Thank you to my wonderful mother who is a teacher. As you will soon find out, my grammar can be horrible at times). Then I passed the story along to my wonderful sister to read it, knowing out of everyone, she would give me her honest opinion, and I do mean honest. So, after her much valued opinions, correcting the edits, reading the story over and over and over again. With more edits and actually adding scenes and removing a few, my novel (at least to me) was polished to the 10th degree and ready for submissions. To my surprise, sitting down and writing a one page email query was harder than writing the novel, edits and re-writing COMBINED. How do you take a 90,000 word novel and squeeze out the good parts to catch an already busy with their hands full agent? It wasn’t easy. After a few horrible and I mean horrible query letters, I decided to sit down and lock myself in my room to throw together the best of the best. Once again, passing it off to two of my best critics, my mom and sister. After a few more “tweeks” I was now ready to send my emails off to the agents I queried and researched. Well, it has been a little over a month, 22 agents and 11 “REJECTED” responses later, this is when I decided to create my blog. I didn’t write my novel to be the next Stephen King, V.C Andrews (although, I would LOVE to be) I wrote it because it is something I have a passion for, and I want people to read what I write and now with a blog I hope to accomplish that. I am deciding whether or not to post my novel for all to see, read and even critique. I have an outline for a potential sequel to my novel and the way my brain works, I am already “plotting” my next one. So, with 11 agents left to hear from, hopefully soon and with good news, I will start to put chapters up once all 22 REJECT me. Tell me what you think, I am curious to see if people would take the time out of their day to read an unpublished author’s novel via blog and would you be will to critique? I look forward to the chance at sharing my story, my novel and look forward to hearing feedback!

Astrid R.



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