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Caylee’s Law

With the public outcry from the Casey Anthony verdict – NOT GUILTY on all major counts, someone came up with a great outlet to give justice to Caylee Marie Anthony and not let her death be in vain. The new petition going around is Caylee’s Law, which, most people have either seen it, heard about it and possibly even signed it. I decided to post the website where you can go to sign the petition which hold parents, caregivers and legal guardians accountable to report their child missing within 24-48 hrs (this should be a no brainer, but obviously, according to Casey Anthony it’s not). This new law will make it a felony to not do so. This case, the Casey Anthony fiasco has not only captivated the US but all around the world and has caused a public outcry and rage over the verdict. We can only hope something positive can come out of this and lets not forget the most important person, Caylee Marie Anthony. I think with the media frenzy and the courtroom theatrics, Casey Anthony has received too much attention. Let’s all put that energy towards Caylee and help pass this new law.

Astrid R.



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