Casey Anthony Murder Trial – Defense To Rest Today

Today is the day the defense for Casey Anthony is supposed to rest. I’m assuming they will call a few more witnesses, hopefully Casey Anthony herself. And possibly a few “experts” to testify for the defense while we all sit back and watch, live stream, pod cast, whatever…the tradegy as it unfolds before our eyes/ears. We all know that whoever they place on the stand today will be chewed up and spit out by Jeff Ashton who, has pretty much turned the defenses experts into prosecution experts by the time he was done. For those of us who have been following this case, it’s almost bittersweet. Will there finally be justice for Caylee Anthony? Will Casey Anthony finally have to pay for her actions? Today will be the day we all sit on pins and needles as we all hope and wait to hear the words, “Defense’s next witness?” – “The defense would like to call Casey Marie Anthony.” We will all be silent as we listen to the words come flying out her mouth. Lie after lie as she accuses her father and brother of sexual abuse. Lie after lie about how Caylee drowned and her dad and Mr. Kronk covered it up. The lies she will tell in regards to the smell in the trunk, chloroform, partying, and all her dysfunction. Those of us who get to watch it, will get to see as she “cries” on the stand, most likely with the same dry tissue she had since the trial first started. Then, sweet justice as we get to witness the Prosecution chew her up while the Defense shouts Objections followed by 10 million sidebars {ok, maybe a bit exaggerated}. Today will hopefully be the end of this, not only for justice for Caylee, the people who knew her and loved her. But, also the millions of us from around the country who fell in love with this beautiful little girl, barely 3 yrs old. Those of us who have watched this unfold for 3 years. Whatever your opinions are about the Anthony family in general and whether they are dysfunctional, hopefully with this trial coming to an end, they can see through the smoke and mirrors and hopefully be able to move on and get the help they need.

I will be Live Streaming it for the most part today until I get home. I need to see if Casey will take the stand and what words will fly out of her mouth.

Astrid R.


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