Casey Anthony, my opinion…

So- I have watched this case unfold since July 2008 and here we are, almost 3 years later since Caylee Anthony was reported missing. I am not sure about anyone else, but this case is a true tragedy. I will admit, since the news first broke across my TV screen on the Nancy Grace show July 2008, I have always said Casey was guilty. Since then my opinions never wavered, I was so sure she was guilty. I mean what parent, a mother no less, has their two-year old child missing for 31 days and parties?? I watched how she bounced in and out of jail that year and watched all the jailhouse videos, no emotions from Casey as her mom pleaded with her! Since the trial began 30 days ago something odd was happening to me, I began to have “reasonable doubt”. Let me stress, I am not saying she is innocent, but when facing the death penalty, my doubts were in full force. But after watching her father break down in court today, I was angry. How can someone put their family through this whether they are guilty or not?? And now, my reasonable doubt is slowly starting to diminish. But to me, this trial brought more questions than answers. Everyone seems suspicious, everyone seems off and everyone is so inconsistent with other people’s testimony. What in the world is going on, I mean, is this a conspiracy against Casey….um No! But I don’t know what to believe anymore! Is she this much of a monster to sit and watch her family go through this trauma on top of killing her baby or is she FINALLY telling the truth and if so, why sit in jail all this time and not tell what really happened?? I don’t get it, maybe it’s me and this is over my head. I feel bad for this jury though, if I am confused and I have followed since 2008, I can’t imagine these poor people. I guess judgement day for Casey will be sometime this week, possibly early next week. I wonder if she will take the stand???

Astrid R.



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2 responses to “Casey Anthony, my opinion…

  1. sophie

    I wouldn’t believe one word out of this girl’s mouth till the day I die.
    She has NO empathy and this trial has shown it. She “cries” when it’s about her. She mimic’s crying when she’s prompted to do so.
    The grief counselor is on right now…and suddenly, after an emotionally devasting day of testimony, FINALLY, Casey is crying, and over seemingly not too much. What I’ve noticed about her ‘tears’ is that she uses the ever dry tissue to make her face red. She drags it across her face and nose. It never gets wet, never needs to be replaced. I have cried a lot in 49 years, and I have never used a tissue this way, I don’t know any woman who is going to tear her face up with a neatly folded dry tissue when she cris. This girl cannot work up tears and a red face on her own, she figures the camera cannot read real tears from that distance, nor can the jury. This is all an act.

    • Sophie,
      You are right! No tears for 3 years, now with the counselor on she is crying again, like you said and I agree, a dry tissue NO TEARS. She cries when it is about her, like now. Earlier while her dad testified she looked angry. I assume she was angry her parents didnt take the “fall” for her. I lost my grandmother and step father in June and October 2008 and I still cry. I have 2 sons, 5 and 9 and I would not be able to live a day without them if something were to happen to them. Casey is sick without a doubt. But this case is just bizarre, the people, Casey and everything associated with this case is very mind blowing. I always said she was guilty and deserves the ultimate punishment, but now I feel like she fooled me for the week or so I had reasonable doubt. The more people and excuses this defense puts on, the worse it becomes and she looks more like the monster she is. But I would LOVE to see her take that stand just so the jury can see up close and personal the devil she is. And I would only hope if she does that Jeff Ashton cross examines her!

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