So…trying to blog from phone.

So, I am trying WordPress on my phone and am just curious to see how it works. I’m still new to the blog and only posted a few times. If I can get this down and be able to use my phone, I will most likely be on more. So I will be brief, hopefully I can get some phone pointers from anyone who stumbles on my blog!

Astrid R.



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2 responses to “So…trying to blog from phone.

  1. I would be interested in blogging from my phone too but I’ve read bad reviews for the WordPress app. I’m tired of flipping my Mac when I need to moderate, comment back or if I want to do a quick post.

    • Harnew,

      So far, it seems to be working pretty good. Your comment came through quickly. It did take me a few minutes to figure out how to publish my blog but it seems to work well. I did have to “approve” your comment, so I need to figure out why. But, can’t hurt to try it 🙂 I felt the same way, too much to log on and off the computer. Try it and let me know how it works for you! Good luck 🙂

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